What SpotOn can offer.

SpotOn was founded to help local theatres and that remains our primary passion. Over the years we have continued to support a range of theatrical productions. From small armature productions in a village hall to professional tours in some of the larges theatres in the UK, SpotOn has worked on them all.

We are ready to help with your next production. From just supplying a couple of lights to fully designing your production. We can help with it all. As we have such a love of theatre we are offering at least 35% off the hire on all items for theatres. And armature theatres can earn extra discounts on top of that.

Have a look through our site and see what we can offer for you. Give us a call or drop us an email to discuss your requirements and we will work with you to come to a solution for your show.

Have a look at our past productions page to see some of the past shows we have worked on,


Lighting Design for Theatres,

We have designed many production over the years. We have designed lighting for Musicals, Plays, Comedy Nights and Dance Shows and Panto. We have also designed Lighting for a couple of touring productions. We will work with you to design a lighting rig that suits your venue and show. We can supply additional lighting to enhance or complete the rig required.

Lighting Hire for Theatres,

We have a range of lighting and effects suitable for a variety of sized stages. From simple pre made stands to larger rigs with moving lights and LED fixtures. Our lighting stock is always being expanded, so give us a call to discuss what you need and if we don't currently have it there is a chance it will be added soon or we will know someone who can help. We offer at least a 35% discount to theatres on the hire of Lighting.

Sound Design for Theatres,

SpotOn knows how sound is important to any show, we have designed sound for numerous plays and musicals over the years. Even won a few awards for some of our designs. We can design a sound scape for your production using your existing playback equipment or sound system.

Sound Hire for Theatres,

We have a variety of sound systems which can be customised to suit your production. If you just need some extra speakers for sound effects or a computer to play back your sounds. and Microphones to be heard.

Video Design for Theatres,

Some times lighting and sets don't offer everything you need, Sometimes you need a bit extra. Sometimes just a bit of projection onto the set or sometimes screens inside the set. We have skills and experience in these and have designed and provided a lot of shows using projection and plasmas. We can create shows with simple 1 projector onto a set or multiple linked projectors to project over an entire set and map areas out.

We have a range of projectors that can be used to project effects onto sets. We have short throw projectors as well as high brightness projectors.

We have projection screens which can be used as part of a set to project video or photos.

From a star cloth to a hazer or mirror ball, we have a range of items for hire to add to your set and lighting.

Pyros can be a big show stopper or to welcome on the fairy. or more subtle effects to simulate faults or gun shots. A pyro effect can make your production go with a bang. With us we will make sure only the pyro goes bang and not the cast with our pyro expert and safety inspections.

Please contact us if you are producing a show and wish to discuss your options for our services.