Past Shows by SpotOn Events

Cinderella (Panto)
Sutton Arts Theatre
Pyro Design

We were asked to supply pyros for there Christmas Panto (Supplied most of there Pinto's) pyros were wanted for Fairy entrances as well as spells during the transformation. This theatre supplies challenges with its size. Meaning pyros have to be rigged close to the audience and safe at the same time.

We also supplied the Projection and sound playback for this production.


Dangerous Obsessions
Sutton Arts Theatre
Pyro and Video Design

A Show that takes place in a conservatory and has gun shots. We were asked to supply projection to make the garden look real and also make the gun look real. We recorded a garden and then using our projector we projected this to the back cyc of the stage so it was seen through the windows. Using the projectors geometry correction and some clever positioning the projector was rigged so it was out of sight and allowed for a short throw, but angled enough to allow cast to walk between the windows and the image without making shadows.

The next part was the gun shots. We choose and rigged the pyros to allow a verse of flowers to explode on cue when the gun was fired. This was rigged to allow the verse to look like it was hit but not have a real gun on set.


Hello Dolly
Sutton Arts Theatre
Pyro Design

Simple show, We were asked to create some simple bangs and smoke for one of the scenes. With our pyro skills we designed a simple effect that worked perfectly and gave the desired effect.


The Wedding Singer
Sutton Arts Theatre

For their 2016 summer musical they required the ability to show a video clip on stage and a few images that had been created for the production. Projection would not have worked with the band being directly in front of the image and a limited height to the set. A 3 x 2 video wall made of 50" plasma screens filled the back wall nicely while keeping with the set designer's idea of a blocky set. The screens were designed to run as a single screen or 6 independent screens depending on the scene. 2 additional 42" screens were also hung on the side of the set for some subtitles. These were all controlled from a simple go on the computer. The screens looked fantastic in this production and fitted with the 80s era of the production.


Fox Finder
Highbury Arts Centre
Lighting, Sound and Video Design

This production was 100% technically produced by SpotOn. In a studio theatre with minimal lighting we supplied all the additional lighting and the full sound and projection system. Using 2 projectors and a 4 way surround sound system we were able to transform the set into any required location. Using 2 projectors and a pale set we were able to transform the farm house interior into an outside woods with a simple button push. This show was fully operated by 1 go button, all the lighting, sound and video was linked to make it a one operator show.


Dusk Rings a Bell
Highbury Arts Centre @ Old Joint Stock
Lighting, Sound and Video Design

We were asked to design the whole show from the technical aspect. We designed the Lighting and sound for the production and then added in video to allow a simple set to represent multiple locations with just a simple image. Taking the show into the studio venue at Highbury required us to supply a lot of additional lighting. We supplied LED fixtures and a couple of spots and used the theatres original rig. Sound we decided to start from scratch and put in a 4 channel surround system to allow us to take the audience into the action. Then a single projector to give the impression of different locations.

This production was successful and a few months later they decided to re do the production at the Old Joint Stock in Birmingham. Again we were asked to do the show. We adapted the lighting to fit the new venue and used the original sound and video.


Betty and Jone
The Grange Playhouse
Video Design Design

We were asked to make a show which stood out from there normal productions. We designed and supplied a projection system using 2 projectors to project and map out the 3 walled box set. We were able to project onto any part of the set. Using a mix of pre recorded and edited video clips and edited effects. The two projectors were configured to run off the lighting desk so no additional operator was required.


Danger Mouse Saves The World
UK Tour
Lighting & Sound Design

We Were asked to be Production Manager for this production and design the whole technical aspect of the tour. Designing a lighting plan that would work in all venues we visited. From No 1 touring houses to village halls. Most the rig was theatres generic lighting and we toured a few bits for some effects. SpotOn Supplied the additional lighting for this production as well as most the sound. SpotOn also designed the sound, using a mix of on stage speakers and there theatres sound system we designed a sound scape that added to and complemented the action.

This production toured the UK, but there was also a 2nd version which ran independently at a holiday park for the whole summer. We also designed that production. taking advantage of a fixed lighting rig it was a bit different to the touring production. A more basic sound setup but more lighting effects.

SpotOn worked with both productions to record the voice overs and backing tracks.


Cinderella (Ballet)
UK Tour
Lighting Design

Taking the show out on tour we had to design a lighting rig to complement the dance and that could be configured to work in each venue the tour visited. This tour went to No 1 houses and smaller converted theatres, So we had to keep the rig simple to ensure it would work at all theatres. Adapting the design to fit each stage.


Girls Night Out
Crescent Theatre
Lighting Design

Way back and one of our first lighting designs. This show took place in a night club, a house and a dressing room. We designed the lighting using the theatres lighting rig.