SpotOn Events Ltd
Terms and Coditions
V2.001 - 31/5/18
1.1 - Definitions and Laws      
  1.1.01 - These conditions apply to any dealings with SpotOn Events Ltd. Including Hire, Labour and Sales.      
  1.1.05 - The Term "Equipment" shall refer to any equipment hired or supplied by SpotOn.      
  1.1.06 - The term "Technician" shall refer to a technician supplied by SpotOn.      
  1.1.07 - The Term "Interest" Shall be worked out and charged as in clause 14.1.01      
  1.1.08 - The Term “Consequential Loss” Shall mean any loss of equipment, Damage, Loss of Contracts, Loss of Profits or any other Consequential losses.      
2.1 - Labour Terms